Four separate cooperative fairs were organized by our Ministry in 2012, 2017, 2019 and 2020 in order to develop cooperatives in our country, promote cooperative products, and develop domestic and foreign trade through cooperatives by creating awareness in this field. The fifth edition of the fair will be held at Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center between 26-29 December 2023.

This year's theme of the fair has been determined as "The Impact of Cooperatives on Turkey's Century".

The purpose of the fair is; Our aim is to ensure that our cooperatives, which include nearly 6.5 million partners in the national economy and contribute to the country's economy by producing domestically and on-site, meet under the same roof with retail and e-commerce representatives to promote their products and thus take part in global trade.

At the Expo, cooperatives will have the chance to promote, sell and market their products for four days at the booths assigned to them free of charge. Within the scope of the Expo, where participation from all over the world is expected, there will be panel discussions on the role of cooperatives around the world, the importance of cooperatives in our economy and our future goals for our national policy on cooperatives.

The target of the fair is;
  • Increasing the trading capacity of cooperatives,
  • Inclusion in the e-commerce network or increasing its shares,
  • Spreading national production to the world by being included in the export network,
  • Including citizens in the production chain with national resources,
  • Acquiring information for effective management,
  • Creating a positive perception on citizens and the sector.

In addition to the panels, representatives from the e-commerce and retail sectors will be invited and established so that our cooperatives can be included in the e-commerce network, expand their trade volumes, increase their awareness and market their products on the national platform. Information will be provided to cooperatives regarding e-commerce and export supports. Our cooperatives will also be able to obtain information about financing types at the fair, where important banks will also participate. The fair also has an area where the crafts of professions that are about to disappear are exhibited.

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